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Support & Compression Stockings

At Pink Tree we carry a large selection of stockings and sleeves for men and women. Reasons to use Support and/or
Compression Stockings

  • tired and heavy legs
  • tendency to swell
  • post sclerotherapy
  • prolonged standing and sitting
  • prevents venous disease
  • travelling for long periods
  • by plane or automobile
  • during pregnancy
  • varicose veins
  • leg ulcers
  • lymphedema
  • any condition the doctor deems necessary

Lymphedema Pumps for Compression Therapy
Gradient compression pumps have been shown to be highly effective in cases of primary and secondary lymphedema. Pumps are prescribed by your health care provider - a prescription is needed. Therapy pumps are special order.

Orthotic Braces & Supports

  • carpal tunnel syndrome • tennis elbow
  • post-operative binders • hernia belts
  • knee injuries • sprained/weak ankles
  • back supports • canes
  • diabetic socks • garter belts
  • rib belts • cervical collars
  • arch supports
  • heel spur pads
  • bunion relievers
  • much more

Wigs & Hairpieces
Women, Men & Children

  • Medical & Fashion
  • Man-made fiber & human hair
  • Medical wigs
  • Blendz wigs 50/50 synthetic/human hair
  • Hairpieces & add-ons
  • Shampoo, conditioner, wig spray, brushes and combs
  • Hairstylist on staff - style, wash, comb and re-curl
  • First styling is always complimentary with your wig purchase
  • Private styling rooms

Come in and let us show you our selection of styles and colors in wigs, hairpieces, turbans and hats. Our professional staff will help you select a wig or hairpiece to best suit you and your lifestyle. Pink Tree is always a good choice!

Turbans, Hats & Scarves

Exceptional selection of styles & colours

  • Many locally made
  • Turbans - velcro in hairpiece
  • UV protective hats

Mastectomy & Lumpectomy Supplies

  • Breast forms in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to fit various body types, breast shapes and surgeries
  • Full prosthesis for a mastectomy
  • Light weight and attachable
  • Shells for a partial, lumpectomy or after reconstructive surgery
  • Nipples
  • New (2004) Custom Breast Prosthesis
    Your breast will be created from a uniqe duplicate of your natural existing breast. The custom breast prosthesis will be duplicated from a carefully cast model of your chest wall. The prostethis will fit snugly to each dimension of your surgery site.
  • It will be customized to imitate your breast, nipple size and colour. This prosthesis adheres to the skin and is so lightweight it can be worn without a bra.
  • Bras, Swimforms, Swimwear
  • Compression sleeves and gauntlets
  • Compression therapy pump
  • Always the latest & most up-to-date products available

The soft form given to you in the hospital is temporary only. It will give you some shape while your incision is healing. A weighted prosthesis, also called a breast form, best helps the body maintain its balance which may prevent back, neck and posture problems. A breast form is usually worn in a specially fitted bra with a stitched pocket to hold the form in place.

“Our most important concern is you - understanding and expertise are complimentary.”

Drop in or phone for an appointment so our Certified Fitters can assist you in making the best choice. Saskatchewan’s Largest Selection of Mastectomy Supplies.

Breast Enhancement

If you have a breast that did not develop or if you would like to enhance your natural figure, we have a safe, comfortable and beautiful solution.

Sun Smart Clothing - The Sunscreen That Never Wears Off

Truly remarkable clothing and hats that blocks  hazardous UVA & UVB radiation from the sun. The special weave also allows the wearer to remain cool and active at the same time. Women, men, and children’s in many styles. Prampopper to be used on carseat, stroller or playpen. Also great as a bug netting. You can never be too sun safe.


  • Large selection year-round, most with tummy control
  • Sun Protective swimwear for babies and children

Bra Fitting - Bras For All Women

  • Excellent selection from 30AA - 52 H
  • • Shoulder Cushions - prevents bra strap slipping and shoulder indentation
  • • One piece garments, corsets, girdles, longline bras, panties
  • • Backless, strapless bras - cup sizes to FF
  • • Back support bras
  • • Post surgical bras
  • • Underwire, soft cup, sports bras, a very large selection of styles and prices.
    A bra is an important part of your wardrobe.

When your bra fits – your clothes fit better – you look good and feel good. Let our bra fitting experts help you choose a bra that will suit your needs and your style.

Breastfeeding Supplies

  • Bras from cup A-H
  • Back supports
  • Nursing pillows
  • Compression / support stockings
  • Breast pumps & accessories, manual, electric, and rentals


  • Night Gowns
  • Hospital Gowns
  • Bed Jackets



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